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Jake Reason

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Hi, I'm Jake.
I am a game designer that has been pursuing my passion for Level Design and Visual Effect Design. I have worked
on a variety of projects. I have done a small amount of programming in C#, Python, HTML and CSS but my HTML and CSS will need a refresher. I have also done a good amount of 2D art and 3D modelling

About Me

A 3D mascot platformer featuring a cuddly otter as the player character, in a wintery landscape. This is my second year end of year game. it turned out really well and im really happy on how it turned out.


Mooblings was a 8 mouth project that a small group of friends and I made in our third year of AIE. it turned out ok and we pushed what we had to the play store. I mainly did the designing, art and particle effects. we leant a lot about managing a and how important pre-production is.


Stacky Stacky is a mobile game where you stack garbage on top of each other. the more you stack the high your score. This was one of my best game jam games 

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